Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend review

Friday was date night. We were going to use a gift card that Dad had sent to go eat at Macaroni Grill. We decided to go to the one in Independence since it's closer to home. At 5:30pm the parking lot was full & it didn't get any better when we came back later. Between the two drive byes we went to World Market, and Barnes & Nobel book store. I bought polenta with sundried tomato garlic, Mini gnocchi with potato, and Mezzaluna with basil pesto filling (looks like tortellini to me) at WM wanting to try something new. Can you tell I was getting hungry? We ended up going to Master Wok for Chinese. Excellent food & service!

Saturday was 2 trips to Lowes for a home project. Kanga can tell you all about it.

Sunday, I managed to get myself to church so I could pray for all you heathens. LOL I really do love St Francis Xavier catholic church (on Troost). Fr Matt, our pastor, has to be one wildest priest I know. He kayaked the Missouri River as a fund raiser for the church. He had never kayaked before. Those Jesuits are the ones that want you to think, not just follow blindly. Anywho...
After that I came home to Kanga driving out for another trip to Lowes. I think he's seeing someone there... So I went with him. This project is getting expensive. Half way home we (I) realized that we (Kanga) forgot the 8 foot 2x4 piece of lumber outside at Lowes. We had loaded the 6 bags of gravel & the window well, but forgot the wood. It was still there waiting for us. Later, there was a trip to Westlake Hardware for a drill bit, another trip to Lowes for a 8 foot 4x4. That makes 3 1/2 trips to a hardware store Sunday.

While Kanga was working outside I made a meatloaf, baked potatoes & peas for supper. For a vegetarian I make a mean meatloaf. No recipe, just throw stuff together. I used bread crumbs (Italian seasoned), onions, garlic, fenugreek, mustard, BBQ sauce, one can of tomato sauce. I sprinkled the top with Italian herbs.

Just a bit ago Kanga was on the floor spooning with Willow, our Great Dane. That's just not right! He had his clothes on! Get your mind out of the gutter.

Tonight I'll show him how to set up Google Reader.

Hope your week wasn't as busy as our.

Oh ya, total trips to the hardware store this weekend 5 1/2!

MONDAY morning update: Kanga decided to go to bed early so Google Reader did not get done. My meatloaf is sooooo goood that hubby had it & cornbread for breakfast! He said he was craving it!

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