Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Line up

Some of the usual suspects showed up to the KC Blogger Gathering on Thursday. It was a blast & I think Cafe Al Dente will be added to our rotation. Food was great, service was superb (Thanks Jennie!), we rearranged 4 tables to our liking, it wasn't too noisy ( even though we were on occasion), wasn't smoky. I would give the place a 10. Here is the list of culprits:

Chimpo & Mrs. Chimpo
Average Jane
Faith & Leo

Everybody is in my sidebar so go check them out. I had a great time. Hubby, Kanga, was sorry he couldn't make it. Part of my house is now name the Bendover Room. LOL! Kanga doesn't even know that yet. And I think the quote of the night was from Heather who told Meesha:" I'm not prone to sticking strange things in my mouth." I look forward to those evenings for many reasons. But if you need just one, then how about great conversations.


A Librarian said...

Sorry I missed it. Work is always getting in the way of my fun:(

Nuke said...

Speaking of Meesha, it keeps telling me "Page Not Found" when I try to visit his blog.

Am hoping it is fixed soon, or we get a new addy.

Xavier Onassis said...

nuke - I just noticed the same thing.

Spyder said...

Me too! I don't know. I haven't heard from him.