Monday, August 31, 2009

How very christian of you!

WTF? Check this out!!! This is a time when you have to say "You are NOT a christian". I'm a very open minded catholic. I think that everybody has a right to believe in God or not. But this sick bastard has no right to call himself a christian. He will be the cause of violence because he will whip his followers into a misguided frenzy. I have to quit because he makes me sick.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Gathering Recap

I'm here to tell you that Spin is a great place to eat! A few people had sandwiches which I think they enjoyed. And I personally will vouch for the pizza. Hubby loves it & was glad that I brought some home. Since he stayed home to get homework done & to dog sit with Trooper who was sporting 4 drain tubes, and 3 rather big stitched up areas. Here you can see 2 of the drain tubes. he has 2 more on his other side.

Here's also a photo of him in one of the t-shirts (Kansas City Australian Rules Football) that he had to wear for the last week. Hubby used to play a few years back. I thought Trooper looked pretty studly in that. As did the hubby!

Oh yea, back to the Blogger/Tweeter Gathering. Not a big group but we all had fun non the less. I do enjoy the smaller groups because of the conversations. It's much easier to have them & to follow them when you are crammed around 2 tables. Most of us have know each other for years now. And even tho we may not see eye to eye of everything we still love to hang out and shoot the shit. I know that if one of them asked me to come by after work they needed help/or the talk I would be there. There's a camaraderie/respect that is there. It's not fake or put on. And that's a fact.

Who was there:
Average Jane

Hip Suburban White Guy

PlazaJen's Blog

The M.Toast Hivemind

Three O'Clock in the Morning

and a new attendee Mo Rage , nice guy no matter what an unnamed blogger says. Mo Rage is also known as Pflow. OMG! That makes me smile for many reasons. "And just ask your Dr for a script Pflow..." LOL! Really I think his name has something to do with his other blog ( Philanthropic Foundation for Lottery Winners). Check out his other one too KC Photog Blog. Very cool stuff!

Sorry I haven't posted this sooner but life has been busy. Home repairs, sick dogs, BBQ with other bloggers. All in all August has been a good month. And I'm planing a trip to Colorado to visit a good friend. I love Colorado in the Fall! That's a lie. I love Colorado in any season.

And September is just a day away. Hope you can make the next Gathering!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do you want to date my avatar?

I totally stole this from Average Jane's Facebook. I just wanted to put it somewhere I could find it. It cracks me up!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What I'm doing on August 30th


Spay & Neuter Kansas City, 1116 E. 59th, Kansas City, MO 64110 816-353-0940

MASH August 30th:

Once again, a HUGE tail wag to all the JULY volunteers! Many said it was the BEST MASH yet!

I appreciate all the positive feedback we received about the changes we have been making to improve the event. We will continue to ask each volunteer to sign-up for specific shifts with no limit on the number of shifts you would like to

: If you would like to come in earlier, stay later or you bring more people than you had originally scheduled, PLEASE check with SNKC staff for openings. VOLUNTEERS who signed up for a scheduled shift will have first priority over unscheduled volunteers.

I appreciate your cooperation and

Volunteer Positions:

Shift 1=6:30AM-11:00AM
Shift 2=10:30AM-3:00PM
Shift 3=1:00PM-5:30PM

Administration(Check-in & out, pet runners)- Shift 1-NEED 1.

Autoclaving-All Shifts-NEED 1

Recovery- Shift 1 -NEED 3
Shift 2 -NEED 2
Shift3 -NEED 4
Vet Tech Asst.- All Shifts-NEED 1

Hospitality/Cleaning/Laundry- All Shifts-NEED 1

Contact Us:

As always, email TAMARA@SNKC.NET to schedule your time!!!

Can't donate time?

SNKC is seeking donations of the following:


Paper towels
Toilet paper

Soft Drinks
Bottled Water

Dog Food

reprint from their email newsletter

Friday, August 14, 2009

How do you take care of each other?

I got an email from the hubby:
Subject: On the positive side:

…of late menopause (after age 52), "Women who go through menopause late have a much lower risk of heart disease," says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University School of Medicine
I wrote: Well, that's a plus!

He wrote back: That and the aspirin I feed you every day should help keep you around!

Every morning he makes me a couple of toasts that he wraps in a paper towel & includes my aspirin & my cholesterol pill in a ziplock. Maybe after an hour after I get to work I'll eat.

He takes care of me in many other ways. But it's the little things like my toasts & pills, or in the winter when he scrapes my car windshield that really show how much he loves me.

How do you show your love?