Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and yours !

We wish you Peace, Joy, and lots of treats!

From Xander, Trooper and their parents, Spyder & Kanga.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

But I Remember!

Republicans have tried to blame President Obama for all their mess. But I remember! If you've ever had any debt you know it takes you longer to get out of debt than it did to get you in. If you decide that you are going to take your lunch to work instead of buying it then you have to buy your supplies usually up front. So you had to spend some to save a lot. Funny how the government does that, and the Republicans want to the current government for ALL of the debt. The debt that came under their watch, when they had a hold of the checkbook. But I remember! Am going to vote to give them the checkbook back? Oh Hellz NO! And their buddies who got rich off us, from our taxes, such as Halliburton. Well, do I even have to remind you of the mess they've had their hands in? I'll mention just a few: in recent news the deal with the concrete & THE oil spill (death and destruction of workers & wildlife, loss of jobs in the coastal areas), have you forgotten about the soldiers being electrocuted in the Halliburton showers in the Middles East? Have you forgotten? But I remember.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here not there, there not here

This post started out as a comment on Logtar 's blog post Colombia or Chicago home? I decided to flesh it out more & post it here since I haven't really sat down & written something personal in a while. Life has been busy. And that's fine with me. I'm not going to take on any guilt for having a life.

Logtar, I know how you feel, I think. Canada will always be home, the home of my youth. I left in June 1975 after graduating from high school. Kansas City is the home of my adulthood. I've gone to school, worked, bought a house, made friends, good friends, lifelong friends. But I feel torn. Not complete, ever. I'm always missing something, someone. It can be something as small as a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar , or a standing on the end of the dock watching the Northern Lights with a loon crying in a distance, or as big as missing Christmas with my whole family. I've been like this since I was 5 years old & my parents divorced. I've spent part of the year in Canada & part in the USA, for thirteen years. Always missing a parent. I spent my young adulthood looking for love, to try to fill that empty spot in my heart/soul. I'm a very emotional person. I've been hurt many times. I may not be complete, but I'm more. I've had more experiences, more cultures, more languages. I persevered and still found my soulmate, my husband of 25 years. His parents are also divorced. He spent years living and moving all across the USA , even many years in Australia. I think one of the things that has bound us together is that he has had a somewhat similar life experience. The same for Logtar & Bea. Far from home they found each other. And there they found home.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking for Love?

Eva & Tina are looking for you! 21 month old Mantle Great Dane pups! These are Xander's sisters!!!

Eva weighs close to 140lb, and Tina is a petite 130 lb! Those are estimations. They are BIG girls! Both are spay, and up on all their shots. Tina has the continuous white the white stripe that goes all the way up between her eyes & ears. Eva's stripe is interrupted with black.
These girls are loving and loved. The current owner is moving in the fall. She is going to petition the city to be able to keep them. Maybe city hall will be compassionate. She would love to keep them both. But if the city says no... Then one or both would be looking for a forever home. I would take them in a heartbeat. The hubby even agreed. But we are at our limit already. I've volunteered to help find wonderful homes for them. We realize that they will probably have to be split.

They need a fenced yard and a comfy lap or couch!

Great with kids! But remember these are BIG dogs and they don't realize how big they are. That happy tail is at a small kids height. They would knock over a toddler so bigger kids would be better.

Can you say counter cruiser?

They have a heart that matches their size. These are loving, sweet girls. If you are interested in becoming a Dane parent please let me know.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

At long last

I love taking photos but downloading them, sorting them, all that stuff, well, not my forte it seems right now. I had done a small photoshoot of a friend's dog. They didn't ask for me to do it, or pay for it. Harley is a great looking dog & it was fun. So I got those up.

There was this great wedding that we went to. I got those photos up. Congrats to Linda & Vince!

Then we redid the walls & floor in our kitchen. Click here for those.
We have been busy so maybe it's just that.

There also has been deer on the property. This little one was almost close enough to eat out of my hand!
Xander had to have a histiocytoma, a benign tumor. It was on his ear. Dr Beachner did a great job removing it. He's just about completely healed. So life is good, life is busy. I'm sure next month I'll have more photos to post.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Office Email

Hello Team,

Yesterday I placed a burrito in the mini-fridge in the supply closet. After fending off hunger pains, I walked over to eat my burrito and found that it was room temperature on the floor near the fridge. While I’m positive this was done inadvertently, I’d like to ask that everyone using the fridge take care when adding and removing items.

Yours Truly,

The Hungry Pregnant co-worker

Ps-I’ve put another burrito in the fridge. If I find it on the floor tomorrow, someone’s head will roll.


FYI This is how my office mate announced her pregnancy today!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Spyder

Read his story

I wish him the best of luck in his future adventures & a speedy recovery from his last!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July Blogger/Tweeter Gathering

I'm please to announce
Kansas City pre BlogHer meetup

will be
Saturday July 24th , 4:30 p.m.
at Harry's Country Club

Average Jane

This will be our monthly gathering!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

To all my librarian friends

@TheAuthorGuy (Christopher Moore) tweeted it. By the way he's one of our favorite authors!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trouble Me

I've always loved Tom Jones. But this song seems to hit me where it counts. Hmmm I guess I could say that it troubles me.

Thanks Meesha!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OMD! Here's another !

Hubby is wearing red trimmed in navy, also holding a shield( 2 white wolves' heads on blue background). He is here many times.

Blast from the Past!

Can you find my husband in here? Here's a hint: His gambazon is royal blue trimmed in yellow. I believe I spotted him at least 2-3 times.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Happy Hour

Yes, I know this is short notice. Quit your whining & show up now & then.
Friday June 18th
Swagger (85th and Wornall area)

8431 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114
4:30pm - ?

Newfie Joke from Mom

An Australian, an Irishman and a Newfie are in a bar. They're staring at
Another man. Suddenly the Irishman says, "It's Jesus!"

Sure enough, it is Jesus, nursing a pint.

Thrilled, they send him over a pint of Guinness, a pint of Fosters and a bottle of Molson Canadian.

Jesus accepts the drinks, smiles at the three men, and drinks the pints slowly, one after another. When he's finished the drinks, Jesus approaches the trio.

He reaches for the hand of The Irishman and shakes it, thanking him for the Guinness. When he lets go, the Irishman gives a cry of a amazement: "My God! The arthritis I've had for 30 years is gone. It's a miracle!"

Jesus then shakes the Aussie's hand, Thanking him for the lager. As he lets
Go the man's eyes widen with shock. "Strewth, mate, the bad back I've had all my life is completely gone! It's A miracle!"

Jesus then approaches the Newfie who knocks over a chair and a table trying to get away from the Son of God. "What's wrong, my son?" says Jesus.

The Newfie shouts, "Fuck off, I'm on Workers Compensation!"

Friday, June 11, 2010

RIP Sweet Sandy June 10th 2010

We brought her home and buried her under the pussywillow. I put some yellow/orange daisies seeds above her. She loved everybody. Didn't matter if you were a person, cat, dog. Even a large Great Dane! She would purr and give you kisses. She would wash Xander's face when he would come and bug her. She had no fear and always was at the center of the party. She loved all the loving, petting, brushing she would get. At the end I got her to purr one last time even though she was miserable and in pain. She was a special kitty.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A real man is...

A real man is a woman's best friend. He will
never stand her up and never let her down.
He will reassure her when she feels insecure
and comfort her after a bad day.

He will inspire her to do things she never
thought she could do; to live without fear
and forget regret. He will enable her to
express her deepest emotions and give in to
her most intimate desires. He will make sure
she always feels as though she's the most
beautiful woman in the room and will enable
her to be the most confident, sexy,
seductive, and invincible.

No wait... sorry... I'm thinking of wine.
Never mind....

ROFLMAO! Another from Mom in Canada!

Another little something to brighten your day

Monday, May 03, 2010

Cycling for Change

Jesuit to Embark on 5,000-mile Bike Trek for Poverty Awareness

Fr. Matt Ruhl, SJ, pastor of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Kansas City, Mo., will begin a 5000-mile bike ride on Memorial Day with 12 other riders that will wrap up on Labor Day in Key West.
Inspired after reading Catholic Charities USA Campaign to Reduce Poverty, Fr. Ruhl, decided to combine his passion for the poor with his passion for cycling to promote this innovative plan to reduce poverty and Cycling for Change was born.
During the 100-day challenge, the Cycling for Change team will stop in several places, including an Indian Reservation, a Louisiana prison, and a recovering area of New Orleans. Communities along the route will be encouraged to highlight local poverty issues and to raise funds to benefit local poverty-reducing programs. Fr. Ruhl also will say Mass along the way.
To learn more, view the route, and read the riders' blog, go to . [Cycling for Change]

This is my pastor & friend. He's an amazing person.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gardeners Beware!

Please share this with all the pet owners you know and ask them to do the same - the information you take a few minutes to share might prevent the senseless loss of other pets.

Please tell every dog or cat owner you know. Even if you don't have a pet, please pass this to those who do.
Cocoa Mulch, which is sold by Target, Home Depot, Foreman's Garden Supply and other garden supply stores contains a lethal ingredient called 'Theobromine'. It is lethal to dogs and cats. It smells like chocolate and it really attracts dogs. They will ingest this stuff and die. Several deaths already occurred in the last 2-3 weeks.
Over the weekend, the doting owner of two young lab mixes purchased Cocoa Mulch from Target to use in their garden. The dogs loved the way it smelled and it was advertised to keep cats away from their garden. Their dog (Calypso) decided the mulch smelled good enough to eat and devoured a large helping. She vomited a few times which was typical when she eats something new but wasn't acting lethargic in any way. The next day, Mom woke up and took Calypso out for her morning walk . Half way through the walk, she had a seizure and died instantly.

Although the mulch had NO warnings printed on the label, upon further investigation on the company's web site, this product is HIGHLY toxic to dogs and cats.

Cocoa Mulch is manufactured by Hershey's, and they claim that "It is true that studies have shown that 50% of the dogs that eat Cocoa Mulch can suffer physical harm to a variety of degrees (depending on each individual dog). However, 98% of all dogs won't eat it."

*Snopes site gives the following information: *

Theobromine is in all chocolate, especially dark or baker's chocolate which is toxic to dogs. Cocoa bean shells contain potentially toxic quantities of theobromine, a xanthine compound similar in effects to caffeine and theophylline. A dog that ingested a lethal quantity of garden mulch made from cacao bean shells developed severe convulsions and died 17 hours later. Analysis of the stomach contents and the ingested cacao bean shells revealed the presence of lethal amounts of theobromine.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


What's that song? Signs, signs every where signs. I told Carol to come back & haunt me, send me a sign. My dogwood tree that I planted years ago (2001) has never bloomed. The day Carol passed I noticed one white flower on it, just one, on the whole tree, just one! Not 20, 50, 10, 5, just 1! How weird is that? A twitter friend, @BonnieGlick, just donated a kidney. She had a tree bloom that had never bloomed. Wild eh?

Saturday, Carol's family had a memorial at Garozzo's in Lee's Summit. They had a slide show that made me cry the more I thought about her. Then her husband spoke and I cried again. I spoke to another of her many friends and started getting teary eyed again. On my way home I was driving down Colbern Rd & a huge turkey flew right in front of the car. I'm taking that as Carol's way of saying : Get your shit together, you turkey! I'll be watching for other signs. Knowing Carol she will do her best to let me know she's OK.

My brother was 21 years old when he died in a car accident. We were what you call Irish twins. He was 11 months younger than me. I've had 2 dreams of him. He could not talk to me in the dream because he was dead & I knew it. But he hung out with us. And had that crooked smile of his. That smile said it all. He was OK.

My family does have a weird history of seers, dreams, out of body experiences, that kind of stuff. I'm not afraid of my loved ones coming to me. I look forward to some kind of sign from one them. It gives me peace. It gives me joy.

Are you looking for a sign? Have you had any? Who was it?