Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Calzones yum!

After our last blogger gathering I've added a few more blogs to my Google Reader. I was checking out KC Beer Blog & read this post. I think Café al Dente, in the River Market at Fourth and Delaware, is a place we should check out. North enough I hope to make the north of the river people show up.

I've spent all of January 1st, 2008 in my flannel pjs. Reading blogs, napping, and watching Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs. Man, he has nice chest. Good looking in a rugged kinda way.

Back to work in the morning. So, I'll finish this Capt Morgan & Diet coke & head to bed.

Who texted me New Year Eve night? I got the number but don't know who? I know I didn't give it to the D. Besides it was a nice text & spelled correctly.


"The D" said...

I didn't send any text NYE, drunken or otherwise.

Besides you've never requested to be in The Drunken Text Club. Like others have requested.

But of course not everyone that's in the Club requested to be in it but they're in it anyway. hehehehe

Have fun at work, I'm still off until Monday. W00T!!

Xavier Onassis said...

Someone texted me too! Did it have something to do with looking forward and looking back and always having a friend beside you?

Spyder said...

It read: "I wish U & your family a blessed and prosperous New Year".

I may have to call the number to find out who it is.

Venus said...

It sounds like the perfect way to spend New Years day. :-)

m.toast said...

Mmm. Cafe al Dente. Excellent plan!

Zhu said...

I always feel frustrated that I can't come to the blog gathering! Can't you move back to Canada? ;)

Spyder said...

D & XO -Still haven't found out who texted me. XO have you?

Venus- I agree!

Toast- I'm thinking maybe the next one there...

Zhu- Come down & meet all these characters! I'll be up next August.