Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hillary's theme song

Hillary sings to Barack Obama. Mom sent this one to me.

Mom called me today at work. We keep in touch almost daily by email. It always scares me when she calls. I just never know if it's something serious. She was at the cottage & the power was out. Good thing they have a wood stove that keeps the place warm. So she had no TV or internet and she had heard that Edwards was stepping out of the race and she wanted to know who he was supporting. She laughed when I called her a political news junky & said it's too bad she can't vote. I'm sure a lot of Canadians would like to vote in this one coming up. I think they are tired of Republicans in power too.


Zhu said...

I'd love to vote! In fact, I'm watching the debate right now ;)

I'd vote for Obama I think... good charisma, it would be a positive change.

Spyder said...

Zhu- We were watching too! I really like both. And would be happy with either. But at our primary I will vote for Obama as I think Hillary would unify the Republicans against the Democrats.