Saturday, October 30, 2010

But I Remember!

Republicans have tried to blame President Obama for all their mess. But I remember! If you've ever had any debt you know it takes you longer to get out of debt than it did to get you in. If you decide that you are going to take your lunch to work instead of buying it then you have to buy your supplies usually up front. So you had to spend some to save a lot. Funny how the government does that, and the Republicans want to the current government for ALL of the debt. The debt that came under their watch, when they had a hold of the checkbook. But I remember! Am going to vote to give them the checkbook back? Oh Hellz NO! And their buddies who got rich off us, from our taxes, such as Halliburton. Well, do I even have to remind you of the mess they've had their hands in? I'll mention just a few: in recent news the deal with the concrete & THE oil spill (death and destruction of workers & wildlife, loss of jobs in the coastal areas), have you forgotten about the soldiers being electrocuted in the Halliburton showers in the Middles East? Have you forgotten? But I remember.