Sunday, October 29, 2006


Been busy with politics. Worked all weekend on a mailing list, addressing & stamping a postcard mailing. I can't wait for it all to be done. Just heard that the Republican candidate Kraus called a lady up & harassed her because her husband had removed the Kraus sign from his own yard & had a Moreno sign instead. Kraus upset her so much that her husband won't allow any signs in his very own yard. So now Republican Kraus is a bully, besides being a liar. Nice way to treat your constituents. Also heard that he out & out lied at church when questioned today. Well, there's proof of his doings. He's not smart enough to have learned the lesson that all husbands learn. Don't lie! We always find out. Obviously he thinks he's smarter than his constituents, and above the responsibility to tell the truth.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blog fodder

So I just got home from a day of volunteering for the Dems. I did data entry. You know when they call you or knock on your door. Well, the info you give gets put into the database.

So to reward myself I sit in the living room with my laptop and check my email & fav blogs. Stud muffin has reading for class but comes & sits on the couch with me. Then he says: " I can't listen to you read the blogs & your responses. Even if there are clever... I have to read my homework." Ok, I can buy that. BUT when he starts to put his earplugs for his ipod in I flipped. "You can listen to music & read, but you can't listen to me!" I say. And then he tells me that he has to concentrate when he listens to me, & doesn't concentrate on the music. Of course I find that very unlikely. And tell him so. And that I'm going to blog about it. So then he said: " What am I blog fodder?" Yup! That you are!

Spell checker: earplugs : warbles

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A few things that don't piss me off.

The hubby just mentioned a good one but I won't mention it here. But you get it. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

Back rubs

A fire in the fireplace insert that heats the whole house. I also love my chainsaw. Every girl should get one when she turns 40. It scares the Hell out of the men. I'm good with it too. Hubby says it must be in my Canadian blood. I do have steel-toed boots, the special chaps, and the head gear. I'm a sight when geared up.

Frozen amaretto sour, rum & diet coke, beer.

Music. My taste is very eclectic. Rap & opera aren't on my list. Oh man, what if the opera used rap? Right now I'm listening to Shakira, a bit ago was Bob Walkenhorst, of the Rainmaker's fame.

Good pizza: Waldo Pizza thin cheese!!!!

My dogs, I especially love BIG dogs. Our biggest is a Great Dane.

Spellchecker. But sometimes it's just not quite right. It wanted to replace Rainmaker's with rhinoceros. Not even close!

More shit that pisses me off!

Hairballs! Ugh! I hate them!!! That sound will wake you when no other sound will. Am I right cat owners? When they do it on your bed, or maybe some where between you & the light switch. I swear once these 2 loving pusses go to kitty heaven that's the last ones we will have. And I won't even mention litter boxes as my stud muffin cleans it for me.

Having to kill spiders. I hate having to kill them but the agreement is that I'm the only one allowed IN the house. And there was a HUGE one tonight. So big that I could see it from across the room. Wish those pusses would earn their keep by taking care of that for me. But noooo, I have yell "bring a big paper towel". Another hubby job. Gotta love those hubbies!

Computers when they act like they have a mind of their own. Need I even go farther to explain this?

Remembering all the freaking ##!!@@%&*^^~~ passwords!!!! There has to be a better way!

Having to have blood work done because of my cholesterol. I'm such a wuss when it comes to blood or needles. So with this activity let's combine both. I must admit the ladies at LabOne on Troost are great. They are very patient with me & let me lay down. They keep me talking trying to get my mind off the needle sticking in my arm. Bless them!

Politics that are not about the issues. How about a raise in minimum wage? How about some health care? The politicians can vote themselves raises & they all have good health care. Why are the Repubs against a raise in minimum wage?

Ok so I'm quitting now as I almost had one of those computer moments.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Things that piss me off.

Cigarrette buts thrown on the ground. It's your lungs and your money but it's not your Earth. Quit messing with my web!

I am an open-minded Catholic, sinner, loved, and forgiven. The Christian Reich really pisses me off. It's the holier than Thou thing. They are more concerned about gay marriage than the poor. Now you know that there had to be gay people in JC's time. Did He ever mention them in a negative way? I don't think so. But He was always talking about caring for the sick, the poor, the widow, the orphan, and yes even those in jail. Funny how so many in the C. Reich are pro-death penalty. How about abortion by bomb?

Which leads me to Republicans. Are you ashamed of yourselves yet? I know that Will Kraus is ashamed of you, as he is claiming to be an Independent. Or maybe he's just looking to save his job. Because claiming to be a Republican is not going to help him this time.

More later, as many things piss me off.