Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Farmer's Markets in KC

Waldo Farmer's Market - Featuring Stonycrest Urban Farm in Marlborough -
We are excited to share the news about the new Waldo Farmer’s Market! Now residents of Waldo, Brookside, Southtown neighborhoods and Prairie Village will have a convenient mid-week, after-work opportunity to purchase fresh, local produce.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located one block west of Wornall on 79th, is hosting the Market. It is a natural fit with ReStore’s commitment to the wise stewardship of natural resources. In turn, vendor participation will support the Waldo Restore.

We ask that you share the following market information with your members through your newsletter, emails, Facebook page and at meetings. Market postcards and flyers are also available upon request.

Be Part of Wholesome Waldo Wednesdays!

Waldo Farmer’s Market
Wednesday 3pm-7pm
May 4th – Aug 31th

Organic & Sustainably Grown Local Produce, Plants, Bread & More!

Hosted By:
Waldo ReStore
303 W. 79th St. ~ 1 Block E. of Wornall

For more information visit:


Marlborough Beans & Greens Mobile Market

Starting Thursday, May 17th, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, rain or shine, the Marlborough Beans & Greens mobile market will be stationed WEEKLY at Center Elementary School at 83rd & Euclid! Providing fresh fruit and veggies (some locally and organically grown), premium meats and eggs, Beans & Greens will accept cash, charge, debit and SNAP! Those on food stamps (SNAP) will be able to get a dollar-for-dollar match on purchases up to $15. Need a couple of fresh tomatoes for burgers you're fixing tonight? The Marlborough Beans & Greens Mobile Market promises to provide that, and much, much more!

In addition to the accessibility of fresh foods, the market is in need of VOLUNTEERS. Please let me know if you are willing to volunteer periodically for this wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

For further information, visit:



this was provided to me by Leslie McLaughlin