Sunday, January 27, 2008

Challah Baby!

Tuesday is our friend & neighbor Gene's birthday. So today Kanga baked Challah for him. The smell of it baking was unbelievable . That pizza pan is an extra large with 3 good sized loafs on it. We will deliver 2 loafs when they get home. And we are keeping 1 loaf for ourselves. The guy can swing a hammer & bake! I am a very lucky girl.


logtar said...

My Birthday is coming up :) hint hint!!! looks awesome.

BTW you are TAGGED!

martinoffroad said...

My birthday is in April, I will let you know when its getting close so you 2 can bake me up one of those for your other neighbor...I knew there was something good in the air yesterday, glad we are down wind from you...:-)

Spyder said...

Logtar & Martin- Subtle is not your middle names! LOL!

Martin- I was working outside for a bit so you could have been smelling me.LOL

Anonymous said...

Wierd, I just found a recipe for Challah today and printed it off to try. Yours looks beautiful.
You are both lucky. :-)


Spyder said...

Venus- You're right of course. We are.