Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cardinals Rule!

No, not as in sports, or the catholic church.  In the bird world is what I'm talking about.  I've been sitting at my kitchen table looking out the window for the last hour. Drinking coffee & watching the birds at my feeders.  I only had enough seed for 3 of the 6 feeders.  But did put the heated birdbath out today. A blue jay came noisily by.  There's been a few dark juncos that don't don't stand out as much as when there is snow on the ground. My favorites are the chickadees.  They're never anywhere long.  Grabbing a seed & rushing off. A few little finches blending into the fades grass and brittle leaves. You only notice them when they kick up the vegetation looking for a morsel. There went a nuthatch, a flash of black and gray. A couple of tufted tit-mouses have come to partake in the feast. Up maybe 10 feet is a small downy woodpecker, my second favorite.  On January 2nd, just a few weeks ago one died in my hand after hitting one of my windows blowing blood bubbles with his last breath.  I just received my order of special stickers for the windows from Window Alert. I bought 4 packs.  Back to the birds.  The cardinals are the ones that rule the roost here. I swear to you that there has been at least 11 or more cardinals at one time here feeding. They're not easy to count as the females tend to blend in.  But after sitting here a while my eyes have become accustomed. Their bright orange beaks stand out but the nuances in their feathers are amazing.  Not one of the females are identical.  Well, really none of the birds are.  But the female cardinal with her muted plumage seems to me to stand out with her diversity. The males, bold and bright as brass, seem to have no problem sharing this territory that I call home.

Friday, January 23, 2009

4X4X never mind

Per Bea :Bea’s 4×4x4who saw it at Average Jane’s:

1. Go to the the 4th folder where you keep your pictures.
2. Post the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the photo.
4. Tag 4 people. (It’s up to you!)

This is Chris Moreno who ran for State Rep for the 48th Distric in 2006. He's a friend of ours. And hubby worked his butt off working on Chris' campaign. He won Raytown & Kansas City but lost because of all the Republicans in Lee's Summit. He's now married & has a beautiful wife & son.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


The crew arrived this afternoon to board the Crazy Horse lead by Captain Charisma " Clueless" Callahan. The crew: Caleb Tora the pilot, Jonathan "Scrapper" Glenn lead salvage tech, Lt Colonel Kiffin Rockwell, AMC (retired) shipboard security officer & electronic expert. Ethan Jonathan ship engineer, Brude F. James is the ship security (like Jayne). Hanto "Cookie" " just the cook", and Nora Xu is the 1st officer.

This crew has been together for 6 adventures so far. In one adventure they kicked 40 reavers asses. Everything the hubby (the Dungeon Master/ Game Master/whateva!) throws at them they can deal with in the most "creative" of ways. This time there was an operative that posed as a prostitute & got on board. Thanks to Caleb. Horny bastard! She "drugged/triggered his program???" Ethan & was going to kidnap him but let's just say lost her head. Thanks Brude! Now what? Wouldn't you love to read that Captain's log book?

I am the caretaker & hostess. I take the orders for Chinese food for supper. Chinese food is traditional with them. Happy gamers!

The "Shiny" thing that happened tonight as I was hanging out in the other room listening to them. I'm reading Twitter & sent a hello, wish you were here to @Kaylee_Frye. Their adventure was similar to to the hubby's. Hubby doesn't read Twitter. And I hadn't told him about what I had read. Different crew with the same scenario. How shiny is that?

Now the crew has to lay low on the rim as the entire verse is looking for them.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another Home Project

We had 2 pallets of 8"x 2"x16" concrete patio blocks & 10 bags of sand delivered.

The picket fenced area is the dogs' "comfort" area. Better known as the poop yard. It's my job to scoop that area. It's always a muddy poopy mess. It's always shaded so it never dries out during the winter with every little bit of snow or rain.

Hubby started Wednesday morning with my help. While he was laying the blocks I carried the blocks to him. After our lunch break Dr. Ken showed up to lend a hand.
He & I went to Lowe's for 15 more bags of sand while hubby continued. Once back Dr Ken started laying blocks. I stacked a bunch of blocks for them then headed to the grocery store. I was going to make the men a nice hot meal since it was so cold out. I cooked a beef roast with carrots & potatoes with gravy. We had a nice quiet New Years eve. Dr Ken hung out with us, we talked & reminisced about the past. I think he was too sore to leave. He did head home after midnight sometime.
Hubby had to walk the dogs on leash since we couldn't put them in the "comfort" area during the evening. Hubby & I finished it New Year day. Looks great doesn't it? We work great together & there isn't much we can't do when we set our minds to it. Tonight we brought the dogs in & let them into the area .

Two minutes later Willow laid a big stinky one. Mission accomplished!