Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mon peuple, my people

Today I had THE BEST LUNCH HOUR. It's not what you think. Even though I have done that year ago. Back to today. I left work & headed to Gates BBQ. I know, strange that a vegetarian would go there. But I love their sweet mild BBQ sauce & their fries. I've try to go at least once a week. Today there was a star on my receipt!!! You know what that means! The cashier bought my receipt from me for $5. That paid for lunch. I went & sat down in a booth. As I pulled out my paperback murder mystery I heard music to my ears. At the table next to me was 5 men speaking French. Of course I talked to them in French & asked them where they were from. Montreal, Quebec!!! My province!! Not close to home, kinda like maybe Kansas City & St. Louis. But still the same province (like a state). Every now & then I get to talk French with people here in the KC area. But it's not the same. These were my people. It's the culture, not just the language. It was like being home & talking with my brothers in law. The slang, the joking & teasing, and in the end the kiss on both cheeks goodbye. They are here with Bombardier (airplanes) on a week long business trip, and they leave Saturday. So if you run into 5 Quebecois tell them Salut!

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