Thursday, January 17, 2008

Meme this, biatches

Mushroom Cloud tagged me.

a. list seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b. tag seven people to do the same
c. do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

1. On my last birthday (January 12th) I became 51 years old. And I'm proud of it.
2. I dye my hair. Well, really Janet does it. I have buzzed my head with a #4 guard on the clippers

Side note: Just asked Kanga if I have any
habits/quirks/facts about yourself. He said: "Do you think I'm crazy?" LOL I laughed so hard I cried. Then he reminded me about #3

3. I can't say meme correctly. I also say "close the light" when I mean turn off the light.
4. I hate needles & have 2 tattoos.
5. I don't consider myself book smart but I am common sense brilliant.
6. I'm a vegetarian but I LOVE crisp bacon.
7. I'm trustworthy & loyal. Damn, I sound like a Labrador Retriever.

On that note I'm tagging my dog lover buddies: Faith, Heather, Cara, Kristine, I can't remember who else has dogs. So on a different note I'm tagging my cat buddies ( I really wanted to say my pussy buddies): Janet, Melinda, So many Books

Update: My appologies to MELINDA not Melissa! But in my defense I posted this VERY late. I got most of it right.


Melinda said...

AHEM: it's Melinda, not Melissa. Black mark, Spyder. Just for that, I'm taking down the huge spiderweb I found in a corner of my living room.

Spyder said...

MELINDA- Sorry ! I fixed it.

m.toast said...


Spyder said...

Toast- LMAO!!! Maybe I'll remember now.

A Librarian said...

I'm doing this today...I promise:)