Monday, June 09, 2008

"There are no accidents!"

Tonight I went to the Theater at Ward Parkway ($5 movies Mondays to Thursdays) to see You Don't Mess With the Zohan. Twenty minutes in I'm thinking that this preview is really long when I realize that I went into the wrong movie theater.

Towards the beginning of the movie I was reminded of The D: "There's no charge for awesomeness."

"The secret ingredient is nothing! There is no secret ingredient!"

It was great a great movie! I recommend it. Go see Kung Fu Panda. Now that I put the photos up I see some similarity. Go with the Panda. Like I said: "There are no accidents!"


"The D" said...

You went into the wrong theater? the funniest part is that it took you 20 min to realize it! ROFLMAO!!!

I'm changing my tag line to "There is on charge for being Awesome!"

MoxieMamaKC said...

Ahhh...true cinematic serendipity...I love accidents like that too!

Spyder said...

the D- "There is on charge for being Awesome!" ON CHARGE! LOL!!

Moxie- It was meant to be!

Effortlessly Average said...

no no no... it's "there is no charge for awesomeness."

And let me just say before I move on: "Skedoosh!"

Logtar said...

I want to see Kung FU Panda :) we can catch the Zohan when you get back... I will make sure we go to the right one then.