Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June Blogger Gathering report

This is going to be a quick report. I got there late because of work. I was running a putting contest. Anywho, XO, Pensive Girl, Bull E. Vard, and Chimpo had already come & gone. Ok, I really wanted to write cum & gone. But never mind. I've already met everybody but Pensive Girl & was looking forward to that. Sorry I missed you! Someone said that Pensive said: this was the Geekiest thing she's ever done. The bar was so loud we heard "kinkiest". Fun & beer was had by all.

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and Lyn/ Chickrawker from out of town. Is this your 2nd or 3rd gathering with us?


Muddy Mo said...

Only my second meet-up, but I really enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting others for the first time (M. Toast Hivemind, Frightengly Uncommon Sense & Leo, Fate's Thoughts, Sponge Worthy, Noble Rot).

I love the Saucer for the beer, but it's clearly too loud for a large group that has come together to commune.

Bea said...

Yeah, quite loud place for all the big egos. We need to hear ourselves next time! LOL :-)

Pensive Girl said...

sorry i missed you, too. i may have said geekiest, or dorkiest, but anyway, it was great :)
i hope i didn't offend anyone. i mean, really. did i?

hope to see you next time!


Spyder said...

Muddy- I was glad to see you again! Definitely a quieter place next time!

Bea- At least we weren't as loud as the cougars!

Pensive- Everybody was glad that you came & I was bummed that I missed you. No, nobody was offended. Just thought it was funny that meeting in a bar was considered "geekiest, or dorkiest". But even funnier when I heard "kinkiest". It was so loud you had a hard time hearing people across the table. Looking forward to the next one!

lyn said...

spyder - my 3rd. always great to be able to hang with bloggers when i am in KC.

Spyder said...

Lyn- always great to have you!