Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Father What a Waste!

This past weekend was special. I drove out to St. Louis with a girlfriend, KM, to see another friend, D. Scott Hendrickson, S.J., be ordained as Jesuit priest. I met Scott, one of the sweetest guys I know, through KM. Scott has been in Spain and soon will be in England continuing his studies. Jesuits do not believe in wasting a good mind. One Christmas, he was my dancing partner when the hubby was sick. He is a joy to be around, and can the man salsa!

Back to the weekend. Friday, KM & I arrived in St Louis to tornado sirens & pouring rain. We checked in to the Drury Inn Union Station just in time for a nap & then Happy Hour. Afterwards we went to Trader Joe's, then on to Dressel's for a late supper.

Saturday morning we got to witness a very moving ceremony with wonderful music, lunch, then on to the Botanical Gardens for the afternoon. More celebrating that evening on the St Louis Univ. campus. Here, then here.

On Sunday Scott's had his first mass at St. Francis Xavier College Church. That was followed by family friends having a BBQ for family & friends of Scott. We drove home & arrived just before the storm hit Sunday evening.

I'm leaving for another trip after work Thursday. Kanga is staying home with the cats & dogs. You know it's hard to find someone not intimidated by our dogs (222lbs worth of dogs). I'll report that trip next week.


Zhu said...


1) WOW!!!

2) How do you put two dogs on a scale to know the weight that precisely?? :D

Spyder said...

Zhu- 1.What part was the wow for? 2. When we take the dogs in for their shots they weigh each dog. Then it's just simple addition.