Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father Matt Ruhl , My Pastor, My Priest!

You got to love those Jesuits! Father Matt is a great guy. We at St. Francis Xavier Church are blessed to have him.

Hubby Kanga called me & said that Tony had a nice post about Fr. Matt. Thanks Tony! Little did I know that Kanga posted about Fr. Matt too.

As Fr. Matt announced a few weeks ago, in 2010 he will be working
with Catholic Charities on their Campaign to Reduce Poverty by
riding his bicycle across the United States. Opportunities are
available to support the efforts of Catholic Charities and Fr.
Matt. Cycling for Change Awareness bracelets may be purchased
with a $2.00 minimum donation, and pledge cards are available
to make other financial donations. For more information, contact
Bethany at 816-523-5115, ext. 213, or bpaul@sfx-kc.org.

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