Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spyder's Year of Posts

Average Jane did a great Meme. So I thought I would give it a try.

Rules: Paste the first line of your first post for each month, starting with January 2007.

January: So I haven't cried this much since someone died.

February: No post.

March: Peter Nugent, beloved son, husband, father, and teacher, departed this life on March 1, 2007, at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, MO.

April: One of my guilty pleasures is watching Miami Ink on TLC.


June: I feel like freaking Mother Nature.

July: Go read Zhu about the movie, Canada & France's health care.

August: I am so ready for a vacation.

September: Friday: This has been a great weekend staying in town.

October: I never thought this would ever happen!

November: I think XO should get this for his girlfriend for Christmas.

December: Greg's birthday is on Tuesday, December 4th, and there will be a get together at the Record Bar for it.

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