Friday, December 28, 2007

10 things I've learned in 2007

Thanks to Zhu I must inflict this meme on you.

1. If you want to hit a home run you must first step up to the plate. I had wanted to be sure that local bloggers got together on at least a monthly basis. So at the first blogger gatherings I asked if they wanted to be on a blogger email list. Usually I try to coordinate the date & place so as to have the most bloggers there. Just call me "Ms. Moneypenny".

2. That there are some darker beers that I'll drink. Thanks Dan! But they have only been Dan's home brewed ones.

3. Blogging can be an addiction. OMG! I spend way too much time on this. Wish yall sucked at writing.

4. Back up your hard drive! Need I say more?

5. I've learned how to knit cables. Why did I think it was hard?

6. I think I've learned to knit socks (at least I found a pattern that doesn't suck)

7. Not all Republicans are assholes! Some are biatches, right Faith & Cara?

8. Even though I don't like change it will be ok.

9. You
can meet some great people on the web. And you don't even have to date them.

10. I learned that Zhu really like memes! LOL!

Who ever wants to give it a go consider yourself tagged


Bea said...

Hello! It was great meeting you. :-) I hope you can get together again. I'll try to post more often and comment, heh!

Spyder said...

So glad you & Logtar showed up. I'll send an email out next month for the next gathering.

Zhu said...


Memes are fun once in a while, and you're a good victim!

Backing up the hard drive is a very wise thing to do. I'm guessing you learned it the hard way from the tone of the advice?

Spyder said...

Zhu- Yes, our desk top computer crashed & burned about a month ago.

Faith said...

You betcher sweet ASS some of us are biatches! WOO!

Wish I'd been able to see you guys at the meet up. We stuck around our neck of the woods (albeit not all that far from the neck you were in...I didn't realize you guys had decided to meet so close until I checked my Yahoo today!) instead of heading out too far. Definitely see you at the next one!

Donna said...

I've learned some of those in the past year myself: 3, 4, 8 and 9. And I hope 7 is true, since I AM one.

Spyder said...

Faith see you in just over a week!

Donna-Thanks for stopping by!