Friday, June 01, 2007

I feel like freaking Mother Nature

I feel like freaking Mother Nature. Last Friday, we bought 13 flats of pink & purple petunias (234 plants) for our flower boxes. Tonight, while getting mosquito bitten, I finished planting the last of them. I also bought this rose, called Outta the Blue, and planted it on Sunday. It's blooming like crazy. I still have 9 ferns, 8 small vincas, and a cucumber to plant.

My big tip to you gardeners: Buy Soil Moist for pots, hanging baskets & flower boxes. You won't have to water as often. It's great!


Anonymous said...

Make sure you use some lube when you plant that cucumber! ;)

Spyder said...

I was wondering who would jumb on that cucumber. Why am I not surprised to see that it was you? :-)

Actually need to buy a pot to plant it in as we have too many rabbits to plant anything in the ground at their level.