Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ya'll drinking?

Thanks to Erin I'm going to have to try this next time I'm out.


Nuke said...

That's actually a pretty good one. Men and women alike have been known to enjoy it.

I mean it's tasty enough for the chicas, but with a name like that it is macho enough for the guys!

PS: I think I jacked up the quiz, cuz mine was iced tea+lemonade (WTF!)

Spyder said...

Nuke- Too funny about "iced tea+lemonade" !

mamagotcha said...

I just figured out today that I haven't had a Tom & Jerry before... so I think we're gonna whip up a batch tonight. After all this #$%^#$ snow shoveling, it sounds divine!

The quiz gave me first a daquiri, then merlot. I wanted something new like yours! I guess I'm just pedestrian.

Spyder said...

mama- what's a Tom & Jerry?