Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Friday: This has been a great weekend staying in town. Friday evening a quick supper at Taco Bell, then on to Lowe's. We (read the Hubby) are building a low deck.

Saturday: Hubby fixed a kitchen cabinet drawer rail that the broke. I went & picked girlfriend up for lunch & introduced her to Jalapenos. Love their food. Then we headed to Crown center for the Irish Fest. $10 a person! But $5 for seniors. So I whipped out my AARP card. $5 is $5! I don't consider myself a senior but when I turned 50 in January I joined AARP. This was the first time I was able to use my card. Sweeeet! Great music, beautiful things to buy. We also did some window shopping inside Crown Center. We took a break to sit for a bit & I had frozen mocha coffee from Einstein Bros. After checking the rest of the booths we headed for Half Price Book Store. Called the hubby to check in & he had me look for what he called a "graphic novel". It's a freaking comic book. OK there wasn't anything comic about this one. But you get my meaning.

Sunday: The hubby tackled HUGE truck load of boards Sunday morning and started the deck. I cleaned housed. Ugh! We had our good friend. Dirk, come over for supper. He's been studying nursing in Portland, Oregon. We had a Canadian breakfast, blueberry pancakes & real maple syrup made by my family, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and chunk cheese. Damn that was good! Then later we had pumpkin pie (premade, but I baked) still warm& cool whip. Great conversation & a full stomach.

Monday: Hubby has worked on the deck all day. We did have another trip to Lowe's for more wood. It's looking awesome. I'm doing laundry. Boring! Hubby came down with heat sickness so we packed away the tools. I had him shower & took him out for good Chinese food ( Master Wok off 40 Hy). He's feeling better now. We realized that we both had not eaten lunch & it was after 7pm. He has a few more hours of work on the deck, but 90% is done. We really have made a lot of changes on the place. Thank God hubby is handy & has done quite a bit himself. Watched some "Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations" on the Travel Channel, on & off all day between loads of laundry. I could never eat the stuff he eats but love the places he goes. If you've never watched him do so!

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Zhu said...

We had a great WE here too, the weather is awesome so far.

You were quite busy tough during the long WE... I just slept - a lot ! ;)