Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ready or Not

I am so ready for a vacation. Mind and body are exhausted. We leave Saturday morning for Rochester, NY to visit the brother in law. Then up Ottawa, Ontario to see some older family members (mes matantes), then going farther north and a bit west to Temiscaming to my family. Today at lunch I went to the library and picked up 9 audio books. Also picked up some Pringle potato chips. Good books & junk food just what you need for a long driving trip. Since we have someone who comes & stays at our house with all our animals we also have to clean the house. Ugh! Fresh linen, wash the rugs, clean bathroom & kitchen, dust... I still have to finish packing. I would much rather blog, read blogs, watch John Stewart, and just general fart around. It's sad that to have a vacation we have to do so much crap. I'm making lists trying not to forget anything. I've even made arrangements with a neighbor who will babysit some of my plants. So tomorrow we will load the truck & drive them to her. I'm trying to make as easy as possible for our animal/house sitter. From Temiscaming to KC it's 1300 miles, one way. We always have fun on the trip. It's some nice together time. With no house, or property chores involved. We will stop for Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia, Mo on the way up & on the way back. We've been doing that for 22 years.


Zhu said...

Hey, let me know when you'll be in Ottawa ! If you've got a minute, we can have a café somewhere :)

Spyder said...

zhu-email me( your phone number. I've tried posting a couple of time on your blog but somehow lost it. I looked for your email but I don't see one at your site.