Thursday, May 31, 2007

$300 !!!!#$%%^&&&#$#@@!!!

This is Trooper. He's a lab/border collie mix. And he's scary smart. Not to mention a great watch dog. You really don't want to piss him off. It's taken Willow, our Great Dane, about 3 years & many trips to the vet for stitches to learn that.
Trooper weighed 107lbs on Tuesday. He now weighs 106lbs after the vet removed a 1lb tumor from his right rear leg & removed $300 from my bank account. He looks like frankendog right now. But he's already back to his old curmudgeon self.
Do you like the double door dog condo? The dogs like to lay on the roof in the sun. We had to cut another door because Willow would lay in the only door & not let Trooper in when it rained. I think it was payback time. Now they both can lay with their heads out the door & watch the bunnies & squirrels.


frog pajamas said...

Wow, my dad's dog is named Trooper too. Crazy. My pops was a Kansas State Trooper so that is how his Jack Russell got the name. We usually just call him the crazy irish bastard though.

Spyder said...

We named him Trooper because he's such a storm Trooper. He's like a doggie marine.