Friday, May 18, 2007

Came out of the blogger closet

My hubby's step dad ( in VA) called tonight. I think that if we weren't related we would still want him in our lives. He's way more cool than I am. In one year alone his concert going surpasses my lifetime of concert going. He & the hubby talk at least once a week on news, politics, music, & and what ever else two articulate, intelligent guys talk about. Since the hubby was gone I got to talk to him. I gave him my blogspot addi & came out as a blogger. I did explain that I go by Spyder because of my work. And that writing here has helped me to improve that skill (at least I hope so) in a pleasurable way. I also mentioned some of the bloggers that I have met at the meetup & that their sites were on my blogroll. Blogging has become a guilty pleasure. I should be doing so many other things. But I rather cruise my blogroll, post a comment on something I've read, learn something, or about someone. Then maybe share something I've found, or some of my thoughts & feelings. Life is good. I have a cat at my feet sleeping, a dog in the background snoring, the hubby on his laptop, and I'm in my jammies. So I'm sending love to my fellow bloggers. Thanks for welcoming me. Letting me realize that I'm a geek.


emawkc said...

This is about the best description of personal blogging that I've read. Sure, some people blog for politics (I do sometimes), but the exchange of personal viewpoints is what I find most valuable. Great job.

Also, it was nice seeing you in person again today. Hope you had fun at your evening function.

Spyder said...

Thanks emawkc! That means a lot to me.

It was good seeing you & the other bloggers. It was nice meeting Happy in Bag's family too. Maybe he will get to come out & play more often now that they have met some of us bloggers. And seen that we're a "Happy" bunch too.

Thanks for the tat photo. I'll be putting that up tonight!

Dan said...

I love your writing, and, for me, it's an easy way to stay in touch with people like you - people with whom I might have lost touch. It's kind of weird to run into people who I haven't seen in months, and they're entirely up-to-date with what's been going on in my life and in my mind

Spyder said...

Actually Dan I blame you for this addiction! Love ya!