Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fruitless research

Email from Mom asking me to see if I can find the translation for this:

Manian (Marie-Anne) Kijikasowekwe.

Kimathi Kawin Wanikaniwisi

Akakotcij Kisis 3, 1890 = Which we found to mean Feb. 3rd., 1890

Appite EJkwa


Entasopobonespan 76

Nitawep Pechik Wonong

All of this is on my great, great, great grandmother's gravestone. It's Algonquin and/or Ojibway.

I've spent hours researching with not much luck.


Greg Beck said...

did you check this link?


Xavier Onassis said...

Damn! Is there anything that Greg doesn't know?!?

Spyder said...

Thanks Greg! After many hours last night & many today using the website you posted I've figured out 2 words:

Kimathi= ?
Kawin= never/not
Wanikaniwisi= forget

Think I'll take a break from researching & check out my buddy bloggers.