Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tornado Part Deux

Here is the before shot of the garage and the installation of our (Fema F-5) Texas Tech tested 5 person Iron Eagle-II from Storm Safe Rooms. Brad came up from Tulsa, Ok area to install it. It was amazing to watch him install it. Once it was in the garage he used the Egyptian way he claims. He rolled it into place using metal pipes under it. Hubby, in red shirt, had to get involved & did a bit of pushing too. Once in place Brad drilled holes into the concrete 3 inches deep & epoxied & screwed that bad boy down.

You should go watch the videos on their website. Pretty amazing!

Once Brad left we ran an extension cord through one of the vent holes & installed a clamp light inside. I’ve put 3 one gallon jugs of water inside so far. I’ll be adding some of our important papers and photos. Besides the dog leashes hubby wants to add muzzles. Nothing like a pissy Great Dane in a storm. She just can't keep her mouth to herself.

We’ve named the shelter the USS Missouri because of the battleship gray paint


Dan said...

How's the sex in it?

Spyder said...

Haven't tried yet! But I know hubby will be willing to try. Now that's a way to distract him & deal with his claustrophobia!

Kato said...

Hubby here. That would be the kind of place only a Klingon couple could love in.

Xavier Onassis said...

Oh yeah. A tornado is heading right down our throats, we're locked into a people-rated gun-safe with ventilation, our home is being sucked up and vomited out by the most powerful force on the planet, we're about to lose everything we've worked our entire lives for..."Hey honey, feel like a little hibbity jibbity (wink wink)? The toys are in the baggie right next to our Will and passports."

Spyder said...

XO- Hubby says your fucking hilarious, and likes the idea of toys. Hell, if there's toys in there you won't be able to get me out.

I need to get some heavy duty magnets to hang all that stuff in there.

"people-rated gun-safe" Lock & load Baby!

Heather said...

You should paint a big arrow with "this end up" on the side in the event the box is uprooted.

Or you can paint it to look like a mobile home. That way, a tornado is sure to visit your house and you can get your money's worth.

Spyder said...

I'm hoping it's like insurance & that we never really need it.

Hubby said: "They laughed at Noah."

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