Thursday, May 03, 2007

Men in Black

Some of my buddies! Trying to look like bad asses. LOL Look closely. What seems out of character? They're all Jesuits! They are a really sweet bunch of guys. One is in Portland, Or. One is in Madrid, Spain. One is in Belize, with another heading there this summer. One can run a chainsaw, has been my spiritual director and mentor, one salsa dances and teaches spanish, another wargames with my husband and loves science fiction, many give good homilies. These men have helped me with my spirituality.


Dan said...

Good men.

Spyder said...

Yes, they are.

Br Glenn will be leaving KC for Belize soon, to work there for God knows how long. Sure will miss him.

Kato said...

Ditto on Dan. Damn fine folks.