Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2007 Heart of America Fiber Festival

And I don't mean bran muffins! I'm day tripping to this on Saturday. I'm ditching the hubby & heading out with another fiber addict. I promise not to bring any live animals home. One year one of my girlfriend won a live lamb as a door prize. Coco went to live at an another fiber person's place in Harrisonville.

There have been things I've seen.... like this Jacob sheep. This one is very young imaging a big one. That's something nightmare's are made of (the horns that is). I've seen a child pulled across an arena by a sheep. I've seen wives spending money their husbands don't know about. It can be quite gasmic for a knitter, spinner, or a weaver. I promise I will try to behave.


Xavier Onassis said...

That is a very Satanic looking sheep!

Are you sure you are going for the knitting?

Dan said...

Have fun!

Spyder said...

XO- We will be sacrificing green papers or maybe small pieces of plastic towards our well being for the next year. We will hold up our pointy sticks and cry "Bring it on".

Dan-Thanks! You know I will. I've been able to control myself much better these last few years.