Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just lie dow & tell me all about it.

Here's an article we bloggers should read. Well, non bloggers too!

given to me by office mate.


Melinda said...

I think that's a good article, but it doesn't discuss what the downside is: if you blog with the hopes of reaching an audience, you could be disappointed that only a few people visit. If someone's already depressed, then wouldn't that enhance it?

Spyder said...

Melinda- I think it would all depend. If a person never commented on anybody else's blog them maybe they wouldn't be know by others. It might only be luck that had anybody finds the blog.

Nuke said...

Good topic, but not a great article. There are a ton of ways that people use their blogs as a new form of social interaction.

Look at the little community of KC bloggers... I get entertainment, news, great pictures, info on other cultures, and more on my daily reads. Plus, I have noted I get a shit ton of support and encouragement whenever I post anything personal.

It's like good cousins, with Colombian food!