Saturday, May 03, 2008

Can life get any busier?

We shut the computers down Thursday because of the bad weather. And then on Friday Kanga flew to Dallas to join his step dad to go to a Roger Waters concert. Hope I spelled his name correctly. Anywho... I didn't want to post that Kanga was gone until he was back. Well, he's almost back. His flight lands around 7:30 pm tonight. So this is what I did while he was away. Friday happy hour at O'Dowd's where I was introduced to a nice Stella Artois, with supper at Accurso's (their red pepper cream sauce was a home run) afterwards. Then I had a girlfriend come over for a movie & sleepover.

Side note: After writing about my Accurso's meal I had to stop writing this post to heat up & eat my leftovers. Damn that was good!

Kanga just called from the airport!!!

Back to what I telling you. Girlfriend, Prof J., need a cat fix & Kanga doesn't like for me to be alone when he's gone. J & I both love Johnny Depp. My mother in law had sent me Secret Window. But after the dog is murdered in the movie we both decided it was too scary for us. Especially when I still had to go out on my property to get my dogs out of their pen. So we decided to watch my Netflix choice Must Love Dogs. Loved it! Then I brought the dogs in for the night. Needless to say they were glad to see a visitor. Saturday morning started with baked cinnamon rolls & hot tea. Great weather!!! Then on to Brookside Art Fair. Followed with lunch at La Cucina Di Mamma. I had their pizza Margherita. Wonderful! Prof J had to go grade papers. Ugh! Poor her!I came home & took a nap. Kanga should be home any moment & we still have the rest of the weekend. Hope you're out having fun.

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