Saturday, May 10, 2008

I would have said Sugar Smacks!

You Are Fruit Loops

You're very fun loving and easily bored.

You need everything in your life to be over the top.

You are definitely attracted to shiny and colorful objects.

If kids love something, you tend to love it as well.

You a very short attention span and are easily distracted.

You are likely to eat something very random for breakfast... or forget to eat it at all.


Zhu said...

Same here! They are right, I forget to eat breakfast almost everyday ;)

Doc said...


Spyder said...

Zhu- I rarely eat breakfast if I have to make it. Hubby makes it so I'll eat.

Doc ???

Doc said...

sorry...what were you talking about?

Spyder said...

Doc- Don't you have kids? Fruit Loops & sugar Smacks are cereals. Ones that kids like. But I like Sugar Smacks. Must be the kid in me.

Doc said...

ah....yeah, breakfast cereals, gotcha. no, puffed wheat or puffed rice or oatmeal right now. and most days they want fruit (strawberries are always in demand, in season or not), scambled eggs, yogurt and milk, maybe a smoothie...

and let's not forget bacon!

i expect when Asta hits kindergarten this fall the cravings for 'stuff' will begin, huh?

Spyder said...

Doc- And as life changes it will never be the same again.