Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meme me!

Zhu has tagged me. Ten Priceless American Experiences. This is going to be hard. With Quebec so fresh in my mind that would have been easier.

1. Weather: Here in the Midwest the weather is very hmmm, volatile? We have a saying "If you don't like the weather just wait." Because it can change so fast. Freezing & snow one day, and hot & melting the next. We get freezing rain (cold air from Canada & hot from Mexico). We also get tornadoes, so we got this. We also have hot & humid weather. It was 102F a couple of weeks ago. But come winter it can get down into the single digits.

2.Sports: I'm not much into sports myself. But I hear that tailgating is almost as important as the games. When I lived in Canada there were no professional teams in town. Here we have a few: Chiefs (football), Royals (baseball), KC Wizards (soccer).

3 Gates BBQ "May I help you", I hear that's it's really good. (I'm a vegetarian) I do like to go & have their fries & dip them in their sweet BBQ sauce. I haven't been brave enough to try the spicy sauce.

4 Music: Kansas City Blues,19th & Vine, also Bob Walkenhorst from the Rainmakers lives here in Kansas City. It has become tradition for us to celebrate special occasions by having Bob play a request. Wild Thing is our anniversary request.

5. Female senator: Claire McCaskill, Missouri Democrat!! Woohooo!

6. Mexican food: I love it. There are Mexican restaurants all over. But not even a Taco Bell in my home town of Temiscaming.

7. Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ: We introduce all out of town visitors to that restaurant. My favorite!!!

8. Lots of colleges & universities here in Kansas City. Once again, not one in my home town.

9. They are building a Bass Pro Shop in Independence, Mo.,and there is a Cabella's in Kansas City, KS. We've been telling my brother in law about them hoping to get my sister down to visit.

10. Having grown up in Canada I had seen a moose now & then, but never deer. Now I see then frequently, even sleeping in my yard.

Zhu, hope this meets your approval!


Shane said...

There is also a new Bass Pro Shop in Olathe. Why we need TWO Bass Pros and a Cabela's in the same metro area is beyond me.

Spyder said...

Shane- I agree completely with you! Thanks for coming by & commenting!

Zhu said...

This post has been approved by Zhu :$

Funny... I don't know anything about Kansas but it seems very similar in some ways to Canada's countryside : weird weather, BBQ etc.

I'd love to visit, cause it's different from every place I know - I'm more of a big city girl !

Spyder said...

Zhu- You're welcome to crash at our place if you come to Kanasas City.

Jack said...

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