Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another successful blogger meet up

A good time was had by all I believe. We liked Hooper's better than Gov Stumpy. Here are those that attended:

XO and his girlfriend. She's very cool. And I don't think we bored her or scared her.
Liam Who is moving back to Ireland very soon. Safe travel my friend!
JustCara If I'm going to get this out tonight I can't write something about each.
Faith, and fiancee
The D
Waldo Oiseau
Janet Sader
Observant bystander
KC Sponge ask her to show her Kiss tongue
Lee was there but only for a very short time
Melinda & John soon to be moving to Bosnia
Chickrawker from San Diego was in town for business

We missed all of you who didn't show up. And we did talk about you so ya better be there next month. We had a few new blogger show up which was great. I tried to post comments on the new people's blogs but some wouldn't work for me. So here goes : So glad you joined us. It was great meeting you. See you next month...

It's past midnight, so now that I have the links up someone else can write more about it.
See ya, love ya, bye

XO- Hubby is sooo excited about the NASA patch I got from you!!! He's already trying to think what piece of clothing he can put it on. Yes, he's going to wear it. What a geek! Cute, but a geek , and MY geek.


karen said...

Great time Spyder! I'll be back....... So glad I scored that invite. Didn't realize XO is from Liberty (me too). I'll have to intro myself next time.

Faith said...

I actually keep the fiance anonymous on the blog, Spyder. :) Can we just refer to him as The Fiance, if possible? That was my fault...

It was so much fun chatting with you last night! Looking forward to the next one...

Spyder said...

Karen- I'll let you know about the next one once it's been decided. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Faith- Took care it right away. I don't know why I did that, since I made a conscious decision not to put XO's girlfriend's name in. Sorry! I also enjoy talking with you.

Faith said...

Thank you sista! :)

"The D" said...

Good times, Good times

KC Sponge said...

Yes - very nice time last night . . . we need to arrange my knitting lessons, Dan's dancing lessons, and your beer lessons (you def get the best bargain there!) soon! Can't wait for the next one!!

Xavier Onassis said...

kc sponge - sorry I missed ya. I've got plenty more NASA trinkets left. I think evryone who got one should post a picture of it on their blog.

Waldo Oiseau said...

It was much fun, and I'm glad I attended! Looking forward to the next one ... assuming I don't have a show to watch, cuz you know, I don't have Tivo!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun last night! Glad I got to meet you and see your tattoo. :)

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet so many new bloggers. I can't wait to start reading them all.
Thanks Spyder!

Tony said...

Hey, just found this blog. Looks awesome. I added to my bloglines and blog roll. I look forward to reading.

Spyder said...

D- It was good times! And more to come.

sponge- We can start you out on something easy like a scarf. Email me when you want to get together & buy yarn & needles. I'll go with you to help you pick. Guess Dan better start thinking of what he is going to wear during his dance lessons.

XO-Good idea about posting photos of the patches. Now I have to pry the one I got out of the hubbie's hands. He's had a woodie about it all day!

Oiseau- Tivo! Neither do I. But priorities, girl! You owe it to us bloggers & your public to make an appearance.

Kristine-filegirl-Did you get stuck in traffic going home? I heard that highways( 29, I think) were blocked because of W.
Venus- I think your blog was one of the ones that I had trouble posting on. Welcome! Thanks for coming!

Tony-You must know by now that if you don't come to the gathering you get talked about. So as all we bloggers are attention sluts I have to tell you you were one of the many topics. Show up & let's talk about someone else! Thanks for dropping by my web. I'll warn you I'm a liberal democrat. Since I live in Raytown I don't do KC politics. I usually leave most of the political stuff to the hubby.

Janet said...

I had a great time!

Zhu said...

I will drop by one day, I swear ! ;)

Eolaí gan Fhéile said...

Thanks very much Spyder, for the organising and the wishes. It was a funky time.

I'll stay in touch and my 2 blogs will continue. Maybe on a visit back I'll manage another meet up affair.

Spyder said...

Janet-Was good to see you. Too bad your other half missed the fun.

Zhu-You come & you can crash at my house! And I'll make sure we have a gathering.

eolai/Liam- Do stay in touch. Let us know you're coming & we will let you pick the place for the gathering. Even Johnson County if you want!

Logtar said...

My wife is Canadian :) we need to make it to a meet up soon.

Waldo Oiseau said...

Yeah, Tony, we're expecting you at the next one! :)

Spyder said...

Logtar- I would love to meet her! Where is she from?