Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Five-run first fuels KC

Five-run first fuels KC Royals. Wow! What a great evening. The weather was perfect. Royals won. I learned about foul ball, ground ball, and that they have the speed of the ball on the Jumbotron. I think 98 MPH may have been the fastest. Lots of foul balls, hmmmm maybe should be called fowl ball the way they were flying. And I acted like everybody else when I was on the Jumbotron. I waved like a every other person (maybe even more, what a dork!). T & G, thanks for inviting us to join you.


Zhu said...

American football ?

Never been to a game, I should try some day !

"The D" said...

You have to watch out for the blue balls too

Spyder said...

Zhu- Baseball

D- I don't, but you do! :-)

Stinkbait Boucher said...

heh, heh... you said fowl.

(football's cool!)