Friday, June 29, 2007

American Culture- No shit Sherlock!

You Have Not Been Ruined by American Culture

You're nothing like the typical American. In fact, you may not be American at all.
You have a broad view of the world, and you're very well informed.
And while you certainly have been influenced by American culture (who hasn't?), it's not your primary influence.
You take a more global philosophy with your politics, taste, and life. And you're always expanding and revising what you believe.
Well, duh!


Zhu said...

:D Still a Quebecer ? ;)

Spyder said...

Bien sure! At heart any way. I've lived away from Quebec longer than I lived there now. But you know I think of it every day. I have trees from Canada planted in my yard, rocks in my flower garden, snowshoes on my wall. When people come to my house they say they feel like they are in Canada. My house is surounded by woods. My living room has lots of Canadian things in it. We even have a log bed!