Sunday, June 24, 2007

Like you're really interested

If been tagged by XO over at Hip Suburban White Guy for 8 Random Things About Me.

1. I've had a few "partners" in my life before the Hubby. And I really can't remember the sex. Maybe because it's been so long, maybe because the Hubby has wiped the slate clean. I take that back. There is one I remember, a Greek pilot. He was so slow that I was drumming my fingers. The phone rang, he got up to answer & then hit the bathroom. I left before he came out. That was the worst fuck ever!

2. I'm a trained spiritual director. Can you believe it? Sinner, loved & forgiven!

3. Hubby & I nearly split up on our 7th year. He had his head up his ass. He's better now. Actually, we are much better now ( 22 years in July). I believe it was the 7 year itch.

4. I love animals. I've had dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits. I want another canary ( mine died years ago). I will always have dogs. You can't turn my dog on me & fire.

5. Like XO I can't learn structured dance but I've been told that I'm a great dancer. I freestyle it. When we slow dance I lead. He doesn't really like to dance so I tell the Hubby that it's like sex standing up: "Hang on & follow my hips!"

6. My parents met as pen pals. I was born in Jacksonville, Fl. but raised till I was 18 in Canada. I took English as a second language, French being my primary one. Blogging has helped my writing skills. Blogging has also become a bit of an addiction. But I have met some great people because of it.

7. We don't have prom queens back in Canada when I was growing up. We had Winter Snow Queens. I had to give a speech in English & in french & have a talent. I did a modern interpretive dance to "Georgy Girl". I was the 1st Snow Princess & rode on the back of the town firetruck with a torch light parade through town.

8. I love Stan Rogers' music: Three Fishers. Cape Islander. Northwest Passage. He was a Canadian who died in an airplane fire. Bob Walkenhorst (Jon Vermeer), formerly of the Rainmakers (Downstream), is a very close second. He is also one of the nicest guys you could meet. I have a mandolin but can't play yet.

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emawkc said...

Okay. No promises that it's worth reading, but here it is.

Spyder said...

emawkc-Really, you're not boring.

Zhu said...

Hey, it's always interesting to learn more about you !

I wouldn't think English is your second language. You're a good writer !

Just curious... How did you feel about the language battle in Quebec, growing up with English and French background ?

PS: I'm still reading your blog but sometimes have a lot of troubles to post comments, for some unknown reason...

Spyder said...

I think my parents started me very young speaking both. All my classes were in french, except for the english class. I left Temiscaming in 1975 (were you even born?) and moved to les Etats-Unis. My writing in english has gotten better & in french well, that is not so good any more. I would hang out with french or english speaking so I felt very versatile. But since my father is un tete carre American I did feel a bit different than my school friends.

Consider yourself tagged! If you are up to it. Salut!