Sunday, June 03, 2007

American Kestrel

Another exciting day on the home front. Hubby went to take the recycling this morning late. The first thing he says as he returned was" I need your help". That always worries me when I hear that and can't see him. I'm thinking "Now what?". He walks in with a paper bag and tells me that there is a wounded bird in it. Sure enough there was a beautiful, young female American Kestrel. We ended taking her to the Lakeside Nature Center. Then we toured the Center. If you haven't been there in a while you should go. Don't forget to leave some of your hard earned money in one of their donation boxes. They have 2 Bald Eagles, also hawks, owls, falcons, snakes, turtles....We were very impressed. Next time we have out of town guests we will be making a stop there. As we were leaving they told us that the wounded wing had been cleaned & bandaged. So here's hoping that the young Miss Kestrel has a full recovery.


Dan said...

I drove by there on Saturday and wondered if it would be worth visiting. Thanks for the tip.

Spyder said...

Definately worth it! I've never been that close to a Bald Eagle before.