Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm going to Hell

I'm going to Hell for what I was thinking!


Kato said...

OK, too much time with Jesuits! Hubby.

Xavier Onassis said...

Hey, when you get there, look me up!

I guarantee I'll get there before you!

Spyder said...

XO- What do you think your 1st blog from there will be? The ribs are hot & spicy, but there's no cold beer.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

"Welcome to Hell Mister Boucher." he said. "My name's George Bush and I'll be your guide."

"Shit. Not forever?"

"Yeah, forever. That's how it works."


"Yep. That's pretty much how it went for me too."

"So are you the cool, 'hookers, booze & blow' George Bush or the dumb shit who sent everyone else in the world to heaven?"

"The dumb shit. I'll let you in on secret though - we're really the same person." He whispers.

"Figured that out." I blinked. "So what about demons eating my flesh and spitting out my bones and such? Can't I just do that? They can burn me and shit if they need to.."

"Nope. Just you and me pal."

"Dammit. Well, at least tell me you've learned to read!" I plead.

"Nope. And no Cheney here to tell me what to say. That's my own Hell."

"So where's Cheney? That son'bitch can't be far!"

"Oh, he's here. He's mentoring the Village People and George Michael to speak..."


That's probably how I would start my first blog from Hell (even though I know you weren't asking me!)

Spyder said...

Stink- That was excellent! No doubt that W will be there.

I had a girlfriend who said that her Hell was going to be giving BJs to oriental men. I'm a vegetarian so eating meat would be my Hell.LOL

Spyder said...

Stink- Hubby said he thought you were "High Fucking larious".