Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Whaz up?

I've been trying to catch up on Google Reader (192 left so far), Twitter & laundry. One of theses is not like the other... Damn I'm tired.

So this is the deal. I've called the Obama campaign ( in Lee's Summit) & I've signed to volunteer. I can't sit & do nothing when Palin has the possibility to be more than just a visitor to the White House. OK people put your money/self were your mouth is. If you can sit back & take that chance then you aren't allowed to bitch & moan later. And Lord knows, and I do too that you all LOVE to bitch & moan. OK well some of you REALLY like to moan. But that's for another post. Either fork over some cash to the campaign or volunteer, or both ( like hubby & I).

You knows what this means don't you? Google Reader is going to increase before I get caught up. So I'm sorry if I don't comment. And if there is something I should know about just email me. I hate that I'm not going to be up on everything that's going on in the blogger/twitter world. But this is crucial. And once Obama is in office & I get caught up again on Google Reader I'm considering taking fiddle lessons. Just maybe, in my copious time you know.


Donna said...

When I've been away for awhile, I don't even attempt to catch up on my blog-reading. I just mark it all "read" and start over. Yep, I probably miss out on some good stuff, but I refuse to take something I do for fun and turn it into a job.

Spyder said...

Donna- I don't see it as work at all. More like a good book that I set down & finally getting back to.

Zhu said...

Good job supporting the campaign!

I'm so sad the election are now in Canada... I was hoping to get my citizenship before they start.