Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Decision

“Which candidate would our enemies prefer to win?” Travis wrote in a comment on Logtar's blog about decisions. Travis has every right to vote for McCain. But I think he's making a big mistake if he does.

I bet our enemies want an old senile white man who doesn't know Spain from Mexico, Shiite from Sunni. With a Reich wing sidekick who believes God sent our service men & women to Iraq. And that abstinence when told to teenagers works. Sorry, I'm tired of the world (including our enemies) knowing that our president is an idiot. I want someone who can think & speak intelligently. I want the USA to have some of the respect that it use to have but was lost these last eight years. On 9-11 the world weeped for us. ( All but the terrorists who were not from IRAQ!!!) That's why I'm voting for Obama. But not only that. We've donated cash, hard earned in a bad economy. I'm volunteering doing data entry at one of the Obama HQs. I believe we deserve better. I'm working so that we get it. That's my decision. Not just from the gut, but from my head and my heart. McCain/Palin is a train I'm not getting on because it's heading down that Bridge to Nowhere.

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Kanga said...

You go, girl!