Sunday, July 06, 2008

Waiting on the end of a f-ing long week!

I haven't mentioned this all week. The hubby, Kanga, left on June 28th. He flew to Tampa to help his mom moved to Rochester, NY. She's done with hurricanes! He helped her pack, and did some repair work on her condo (now for sale!). Then on July 1st he, Mom, and her cat drove to Rochester, NY. Badger, brother in law, lives there. 3 days on the road. Once there they had to do some shopping to set her up in her new apartment. Then there was some repair work & yard work at Badger's house.

He was suppose to arrive tonight just before 10pm. The f-ing flight was delayed in Rochester. He finally arrived in Atlanta. He called me to say that it's a zoo there. And get this: his flight leaves AFTER midnight. I was hoping to be in bed spooning with my honey by then. It's now just after 10pm. He should be here. It's been a long week.

We don't like being apart. I know, hard to believe. On July 27th we will have been married for 23 years. We have a great life together.

Kanga was worried about me being alone here at the house. He also was worried about me having to walk our dogs. Big dogs! The dogs & I did pretty well, even though we missed him. Not to mention having to deal with a Great Dane who is terrified of fireworks. Thank God for Rescue Remedy.

The last two Saturdays my girlfriend, Professor J, & I went shopping, had supper out. Then back to my home to hang out. She stayed both Saturday nights, crashing on the couch with the cats. We sat around on both Sundays drinking coffee, talking and watching the wildlife here. There were all kinds of birds, squirrels, a chipmunk, and a groundhog.

Kanga just called to say that they are boarding, midnight Atlanta time. And this is why I will be driving to Canada in August. He wants me to fly. I don't think so. I rather spend 2 days driving up & 2 days back than deal with planes & airports.

So while I wait I think I'll paint my nails. Got to be pretty for the hubby.


Nuke said...

You guys have both been kinda quiet a while, glad to hear it was nothing to serious and you are gettin back to normal.

Zhu said...

What,s with Rochester?? Last week, I heard of three people moving there from different parts of the country! I drove through the city last month and didn't find it that cool... except for the huge Kodak factory :D

23 years is something to celebrate. Get drunk, act like teens for the night ;)