Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Food, Friends, Funny (July Blogger Gathering Report)

Banky For President
Bea's Weblog
Beneath the Ginko-Kanga
Fate's Thoughts-Andrew
General Blather-Heather
Janet & Keith Sader Family-Keith
Kansas City Lunch Spots-DLC-Dave
Logtar's Blog
M.Toast Hivemind-Toast
Nuclear Buffalo-Nuke
Ramblings, Rants, and Mommyhood Journal-Janet

New to the Blogger Gathering was:

Ed (@EdRoberts) who has these 4 blogs/podcasts:
Podsafe Christmas
Miscellaneous Uses for a Blog
Looking out the Window
Kansas City Weather Podcast

Bruce: Trailing Edge Technology
MrGadgets Almanac of Techie Wizardry & Travel Compendium
MrGadgets LinkZ

A few tweeters showed up:



And commenter:

Heard at the gathering: Banky saying "I've moved onto other men boys" after Logtar made a comment about stealing Banky's friend.

But then Banky said that "Logtar is quick.....to please"

Kanga said "If you get an erection..." I think he was talking about chastity belt in the medieval times. (I hope!)

There were parlor tricks down on the Tweeter end of the table. Followed by the comment "You have to like the finger"

It was a great time as usual.


Bea said...

You forgot to mention that Banky asked Logtar if they could cuddle. Hrmmm...

Chimpo said...

Stop linking to my old blog, bro.

I've never felt so uncomfortable as being surrounded by grown men discussing role playing.

Spyder said...

Bea- You're right! Spooning too!

Chimpo- I fixed it. Really, they're harmless. Well, unless ....

Logtar said...

Chimpo is just jelous that we have not accepted furry monkeys into our role playing but don't worry dude you can always come and watch.

Kanga said...

There's role-playing, and then there's role-playing, right, Spyder?

travel said...

Glad I went last night. Met lots of good people and felt very welcommed. Thanks for the invite!
Hopefully we can visit more next time.

Ed said...

Thanks again for the meet up! It was great to meet the group. Hopefully I can do it again in August.

Spyder said...

Logtar- Chimpo just doesn't realize that it is fun to watch! LOL

Kanga- I'm so not going to say anything to that!

Travel-maybe next time we can tell XO that your coming so he can get his sorry ass there.

Ed- It was great meeting you. I think you are my 1st podcaster that I have met.