Friday, July 25, 2008

On the road again! or Does she ever stay home?

Around 9:30am today I left home with two riders. We stopped in Columbia, Mo. for Shakespeare's Pizza. All 3 of us ladies got 8 inch pizzas & killed them. I'm hoping I can talk them into stopping on the way back on Sunday. We arrived at SLU ( St Louis University) after 3pm sometime but before 5pm traffic. We checked in & were assigned a suite: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a living room, kitchen & laundry. There was a welcome buffet supper, then off to St. Francis Xavier College Church. There was music, mimes, and juggling, followed by pop/punch ( no booze)/coffee & cookies. I know it sounds really weird. It was. He juggled grapes, then machetes, then beanbag chairs. WTF! 3 freaking beanbags chairs! Really! The music was beautiful. I ran into people from the silent retreat from last week. Even someone I met in 2005 when I did it then. Had a Jesuit friend from St Louis sit with us at supper. The buildings are cold & it was surprisingly cool here outside today. I've looked at the schedule & classes being offered & picked my three. Since breakfast is at 7:30am across campus & I need to get up at 6AM I'll close now. Oh yea why am here? It's a national Ignatian Spirituality conference. You can feel the Love here!!!

Ps. Kanga,I miss you!


meesha.v said...

I didn't know there is so much fun in church-mimes, jugglers,etc;throw in some strippers and I am there!

Kanga said...

Miss you too, babe.

Melinda said...

Have you ever thought of just living in an RV?

Dan said...

Saw Kanga crossing Ward Parkway today, working on the Bullard campaign. Told him he could put up a yard sign in my yard.

I'd try to make you nervous by claiming he was walking around with hot, bikini-clad young babes, but we both know that Kanga would rather be doing political work instead . . .

Spyder said...

Hi all! I tried posting a comment using SLU's wireless but it didn't work.

Meesha- I read your comment to a friend who laughed at it.

Melinda- If gas was cheaper I might consider but I don't think I could drive one of those tanks.

The next day there was hand bells & congo drums at mass. I thought of XO.

I'm glad to be back!!!!