Sunday, October 14, 2007

My husband has no willpower!

I spent Saturday with some girlfriends. We hit the John Knox Village craft show in Lee's Summit, a yarn sale on the Independence square, pizza at Square Pizza also just off the square, later stopped for drinks at Hereford House still in Independence. We had a great time. On my way home I called the hubby to tell him to get rid of the blonds since I would be home soon. He had spent the rainy day with both dogs keeping him company, while he read 120 pages of history book for class. He also goofed off checking blogs, and watching Battlestar Galatica the mini series. Now remember, he has been on a self imposed new eating lifestyle (diet). I went to throw something away & found a whole empty Pringles can. I couldn't resist teasing him. His response was that he needed me to be here to keep him on the straight & narrow. Thank God there wasn't any blonds here!

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