Sunday, October 28, 2007

Here goes

Here goes a series of posts regarding the weekend. I think each event is so different and unique that I should make separate posts for them.

I've been fighting with my boyfriend all week! For those of you who haven't met my boyfriend yet it's my laptop. I've had issues with not being able to update the virus protection that comes with SBCGlobal. Something about a missing LUALL.EXE file. All freaking week! I now have that problem resolved. Yippee! Now the problem is my home email seems to have eaten all my RSS feeds. I depend on RSS to check up on y'all. Since I spend way too much time with the boyfriend I need RSS to cut down my reading time. Thinking that Yahoo has screwed me one more time I decided to try Firefox. I went to each blog that I read (there is a shit load of them I'm here to tell ya)and did the RSS thing. Great! I'm set, right? Wrong! It doesn't highlight the ones with new posts. Now what? Because you know you can't count on Blogroll. I suspect I'll be working on this all next week. UGH!

On to the next post regarding the Blogger Halloween party on friday.


"The D" said...

try google reader that is what I a few others use.

Zhu said...

For RSS... why don't you try google reader ?

Anonymous said...

You know what? You should try google reader. /snicker

"The D" said...

You know what, we google readers talked it over, and we don't want you using google reader.



Spyder said...

Ok smart asses I'll check into google reader!

Well Hell Michelle said...

Did anyone else mention Google Reader? hehe