Monday, October 05, 2009

Willow & Xander, heart ache & healing

This Saturday (3pm-5pm) Hubby & I will have Xander at the Spay Neuter KC clinic (59th & Troost, KC,MO). This event started out as a memorial to Willow. I wanted to raise dog food for SNKC 's Pet Outreach. Willow had been a rescue that was underfed. When SNKC first opened in this new location we donated in Willow's memory to the Outreach program. You will see on the wall there a paw shaped plaque with Willow's name. So bring some dog food & come meet Xander.

Most of you have been through with us what is written below. And for that we are thankful to be so blessed. I wanted to have in one spot the chronicle of Willow and how we ended up with Xander. The two forever intertwined in our hearts. If you don't know the story then read:

What's Happening

Hanging with Willow today

Willow's Tumor


I Got Ink


Meet Xander

Missing Willow but Smiling with Xander

Some Thoughts on Putting My Pet to Sleep

Xander Pup

Willow's Resting Place


His Very Own Dog Park

Knick Knack Paddy Wack Give a Dog a Bone


A Year on the Grill said...

I just found your site... I have lost 8 pets in my life. I think of them all often.

Best to you, and a good memorial

Spyder said...

Grill, Thanks! We have 2 of our dogs buried on our property. We see it everyday. It is very hard. We have one dog buried at our previous house. I tell Xander that he's going to break my heart.