Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's been one week since we lost Willow. The house is quiet and seems so big. Some people would love it, but it's driving us crazy I think. We still feel the pain. I think that it's only right that we put a visible sign of our pain on our bodies. So tonight we will go to Freaks, 311 W 39th , KCMO. Eric will do memorial tattoos on hubby & I.

Tomorrow we begin the healing in many ways. After work we will go look at a Great Dane puppy who is needing a home. We did not go looking for him. We were going to wait. But Friday a friend emailed me saying that unsolicited he was asked if he knew anybody looking for one. No not a mutt, not a poodle, lab, German shepherd. Yes that's right a Great Dane puppy. Some have told us that Willow doesn't want us to be sad and lonely. Some have said that this was a God wink. What are the odds? I'll tell you! The odds are that we will find a new member of our family. Not one that replaces but that adds to. And we will walk him to Willow's grave & say to her " What the Hell have you done to us?". Just as we did to Bianca when we got Willow. BUT if for some reason we don't get this pup I will be thankful for the joy I received just thinking about him.

Dog hair to dog hair, and dust to dust.


Melinda said...

I think that's great. I also have to wonder - how old is the pup? I'd heard an acquaintance of mine got rid of her dog, which was I believe a Great Dane, not more than 2 (though I'm not sure how old he was when she got him). You are wonderful for loving animals!

Stacey K said...

What a good post. I look forward to seeing the tattoos.

Spyder said...

Thank you Melinda & Stacey! The tattoos are gorgeous just as Willow was. We got the same one, which is a profile of her head. I'll post a photo once we are healed (skin wise).

Cate said...

Great post, Spyder. Big hugs all around and I hope all goes well when you meet this lil' pup today.

- Waldo