Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Blogger/Tweeter Gathering report

Average Jane & her hubby,
Beneath the Ginko,
Three O'Clock in the Morning,

and myself met at Manny's for some good food and great conversations. Since it had been raining for days I was a bit worried about flooding. But we were fine. Some that were suppose to come were sick, others spaced it out. Since many of us meet through out the month I really don't mind the smaller get togethers. These bloggers are some of my favorites, and I'm pleased to call them friends.


starnes family said...

Glad you had fun! Wish I could have been there to connect with some KC bloggers. Next time! Unless y'all meet in December and I'm busy with holiday stuff.

I'm anxious to meet all of you.....come check out my blog and I'll do the same for you! Just don't know where to!

-Casey @

Spyder said...

Casey, I completely understand why you couldn't make it. It was very close to Halloween. We will have one in November. I don't know the date yet. Check back here later.

Kansas City Scoop said...

Sorry I missed your meet up, would love to come if you have one in December.

Spyder said...

Scoop- Can't come tonight?