Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wild Thing

Two years ago, I asked the hubby to help me pick a song to request for our anniversary. We were going to the Record Bar to listen to Bob Walkenhorst to celebrate. I emailed the hubby (we were at work) the list of songs Bob has performed. A bit later I received an email from him saying that he had picked the perfect one. So 2 years ago, over lunch, after mass we renewed our vows with friends & co-workers present. After work, we went to Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ. Then we went to the Record Bar for an evening of music. Since that night, on our 20th wedding anniversary our song has been Wild Thing. Bob did a great rendition. The crowd loved that it was a song of true love. The 27th will be our 22nd anniversary. And we will request Bob to perform "our song".


Kato said...

Love my "Wild Thing." - The Hubby

Nightmare said...

very cool!